Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Awesome Hair - The Natural Way - Day 2

OK... we are officially in the the shampoo "detox" period. I feel like my hair is like an oil slick but keep getting compliments on it. (Shout out Nan and V!) So I will be pressing forward and continuing to day 3.

So today B and I went to the Keller Farmers Market, Pei Wei for lunch then to the park to play on the playground. We had a really good time. We got a jar of peaches at the farmers market that I am going to make into a cobbler. When we went to Pei Wei, he refused to use his fork and wanted to use his chopsticks because I was using mine. He did pretty good for a two year old. He is such a noodle lover. He ran all over the playground and didn't want to leave.

Later in the day we went to Home Depot and bought a new dishwasher and ordered a new washer and dryer!! WOO HOO!!! Sheesh I am so freaking domestic. So now there is about $1000 left in the budget for the time being for appliances and major purchases. I can pick one of three things. 1. New Range and microwave 2. new fridge 3. New Mattress. What to choose? What to choose?

We went to dinner at Bucca di Beppo with the T family and B was a nightmare. He doesn't listen to anything we say. I feel like I try every option with him, being calm, strict, stern, angry, mad, disappointed, etc. He just doesn't listen. It is really frustrating. Hopefully he will grow out of it soon. I am like so super tired and need to get some sleep. J and I are going to put in the new dishwasher tomorrow and take down the swing set. We are thinking of getting a trampoline and need a place to put it and the swing set is busted like a hooker on Harry Hines. Back to being super tired. Going to bed.

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