Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maybe if I left it alone, it wouldn't be numb...

Almost every day at lunch I will call Jimmy to see how his day is going. 90% of the time he is at work; and I like to screw with him just a little bit because he is an accountant and apparently has to be all professional and quiet at work.

I wouldn't know much about that...

So today I called him and we had the following exchange:

After our usual pleasantries (which consists of him asking me where I went to lunch and me replying by saying, "The same place I go every day, Jimmy. Corner Bakery Cafe" just like the Brain from "Pinky and the Brain") :

Me:  My thumb is still numb.*
Jimmy:  That sucks.
Me:  What if the feeling never comes back in it.
Jimmy: I am sure you will be fine and it will be normal again soon.
Me: What if my thumb dies?
Jimmy: Your thumb isn't going to die.
Me: What if it just starts turning black and starts shriveling up. And dies.
Jimmy:  ...
Me:  Well?
Jimmy: Your thumb isn't going to die.

This is what he has to deal with on a daily basis. This is just another example of how I know he loves me. He would have to love me to deal with shit like that every day.

*My thumb is numb because I am making this bath mat and tying the strips of bath towels has made my thumb and index finger numb.

What do you do to mess with your significant other?

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