Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Favorite Blogs and Why

I love reading other peoples blogs. I will check in on them almost every day and will read every post. These four blogs are my all time favorites. I have read all of these from the very beginning and would recommend them to anyone. Who are some of your favorite bloggers? What do you look for in a good blog?

Blog:  Barefoot Foodie
Blogger:  Brittany Gibbons
Tagline:  Hair of the Dog 
Website:   www.barefootfoodie.com
Why I love this blog:  When I first Stumbled-Upon this hilarious blog I knew it was love at first sight. I knew this because her tagline at the time was "Not a food blog, that's just me being a dick". Swoon! I love the way that she originally planned to have her blog be a place to rate local restaurants in her area and post recipes but realized, to our benefit, that her wit and humor about life and family are much more interesting. I read her every day and almost killed myself drinking the Skittles Vodka that she posted on her site. She is someone that I can very closely relate to in the fact that we are close in age, size and the like. Her posts about body image and accepting herself, and sometimes not, give me hope about myself. From her blog I was introduced to my next favorite blog.

Blog:   The Spohr's are Multiplying
Blogger:   Heather and Mike Spohr
Tagline:   None, but does feature posts from her husband Mike Spohr aka the Newborn Identity.
Website:   www.thespohrsaremultiplying.com
Why I love this blog: I began reading this blog one day when their youngest daughter, Annie, was about seven months old. As I was reading deeper, I realized that they had an older daughter, Maddie, that passed away from complications due to being born premature. I wanted to read their blog, but did not feel it was fair to read about their current life without reading about everything they had gone through up to that point. So I sat down anytime that I could for the next week and started from the beginning. I laughed, and cried and then completely broke down until I had read every post. I can now say that Heather and Mike Spohr are amazing people and amazing parents. The way that they sing to and interact with Annie, and dog Rigby of course, is truly inspiring. It's fun seeing her give them a run for their money. :)

Blog:   Raising Colorado
Blogger:   ZDub aka Zakary W.
Tagline:   mostly about kids. and squirrels.
Website:   www.raisingcolorado.com
Why I love this blog: Because a woman who can make a drink out of tequila, Bud Light Lime, 7Up and frozen limeade is my hero. Seriously. I just love everything that she writes. She is consistently funny and may have an unhealthy obsession with Asians and squirrels but that just adds to her charm. She keeps her husband on his toes and her two beautiful children keep her guessing which makes for a great read.

Blog:   MODG (Martini's or Diaper Genies)
Blogger:   Amanda
Tagline:   I Do Important Things Here LIKE YOUR MOM.
Website:   www.modgblog.com
Why I love this blog: Amanda is a now 30 year old girl who when she started her blog was having a major battle about whether she was ready to give up the baby free life for a bundle of joy with her husband B. She announced earlier this year that she was pregnant and her water actually broke today. Her crazy humor and no holds bar approach to explaining everything that went on with her pregnancy kept me coming back for more. Anyone that can call a hemorrhoid a butt nut is a friend of mine.


Brittany said...

You are AMAZING. First, THANK YOU truly, I almost cried reading this.

Second, GOOD GOD you are stunning! I adore your header!

Amy said...

Thanks Brittany, I totally made it in Paint or something. LOL!

ZDub said...

Double asian squirrel hugs to you.

Come over, I will make you a beer margarita.