Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jif, Nutella, Clipart, Crochet and Stumbleupon... Odd?

There are a few things in my life that just make me happy. You might ask why my family and friends aren't on this list. This isn't a list for that. Plus, duh, they make me happy every day These are things that I seek out that make me feel good and squishy inside. 

Jif and Nutella Togetha Foreva
Eating Jif peanut butter and Nutella straight out of the jar with a spoon on the couch for dinner.
Those are hearts of love and happiness exploding from my spoon.

Clipart Makes Me Swoon
I believe that anything can be made better with a little visual help from the Microsoft Office Collections vast database of clip art. How else am I supposed to convey to you, my dear readers, my true feelings about Jif and Nutella without a clipart explosion of hearts coming out of a clipart spoon? Maybe with an image of me eating said creamy treats you say? Not so much. 

Trust me on this... when I am sitting on my couch eating Jif and Nutella with a spoon for dinner, you DO NOT want to see it. 
I feel so sorry for Jimmy sometimes.

I Crochet So I Wont Kill People
You know how they say idle hands are the devils playthings? Well I totally get this and respect it's old wives tale proverb. I feel when I am crocheting (or crotcheting as Jimmy calls it **eye roll**) I am less likely to lash out at those closest and usually nearest and dearest to me. 

When you have a one year old, 60 lb dog who thinks she is a Chihuahua; 
a cat who is a total treat hound (it's like kitty crack or something); 
a three year old who's favorite thing to say is, "Why?; 
and a husband who's favorite game is making normal words sound stupid (see above);
 having something in your hands is usually a good thing.

I do knit as well, but with all of the stressors noted above, I don't think that having two pointy objects in each hand is going to do anyone any favors. 

Stumbleupon Will Kill Me One Day
If you have never used Stumbleupon, DON'T! I warn you that it is addictive and dangerous. I am the kind of person who requires at least eight hours of sleep every night or else I am a zombie the next day. But no matter how many times around ten at night I tell myself, "just one more Stumble, then I am going to bed," I just can't stop. Then all of the sudden it is one in the morning, I have been Stumbling for three hours looking at NOTHING, and I have to get up in six hours. And I still don't want to stop... It's a problem.

So these are a few of my favorite things. What are your favorite things? What am I missing? I will be posting tomorrow about my favorite blogs.

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