Saturday, September 11, 2010

Those three little words...

Three little words can change your whole day. Hearing, "I love you" can make your whole day. Hearing, "I hate you" can make you want to cry all day. In our house, there are three words that are said more often than any others. During the week when I get home from work I hear them as I am relaxing on the couch. On the weekend I hear them while I am catching up on my favorite blogs or getting started on a craft project. So you are wondering what are those three little words that I hear most often out of my better half's mouth any time my bootie hits the couch?


Not what you were expecting, huh? Yeah, it's not what I expect to hear all weekend either. He wakes up on Saturday morning and wants to clean the house all day long. EVERY WEEKEND! It's like I am on house arrest until the whole house is clean. But the problem is that our house is always a total mess because I HATE to clean in the first place. I know it's my fault because I let the house get out of hand, but I really have a major aversion to cleaning. So today we spent 12 hours cleaning our house and we are still not done. Re-Dic-U-Lous!

Oh well, hopefully we can keep it clean and we wont have to do this anymore.

HA! I seriously crack myself up sometimes. Maybe I am delirious from exhaustion. Time for me to catch some zzz's so I can be rested for tomorrows impending cleaning spree. Anyone want to come over and clean for me?

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